Robert T. Francoeur, PhD, is co-editor of the international award-winning Continuum Complete International Encyclopedia of Sexuality(Francoeur & Noonan, 2004a), compiled by 280 experts reporting on all aspects of sexual attitudes, values, behaviors, and relationships in 62 countries on seven continents. Trained in Catholic theology, human embryology, and sexology, Francoeur is also recent editor of the Complete Dictionary of Sexology (Francoeur, et al. 1995.and Sex, Love and Marriage in the Twenty-First Century(Francoeur, Cornog & Perper, 1999). A Catholic priest married with Vatican approval, he is a Fellow of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality.His interests focus on cross-cultural research, the evolutionary connections between sexuality and spirituality, and non-monogamous alternative lifestyles. Francoeur began teaching an undergraduate human sexuality course at Fairleigh Dickinson University (Madison, NJ) in 1970, and continues mixing graduate and undergraduate courses sponsored jointly by the Psychology and Biological Sciences Departments. An adjunct professor for ten years in the Human Sexuality Program at New York University, he has authored several popular explorations of human sexuality, marriage, family, futures studies, and medical and sexual ethics, includingHot and Cool Sex: Cultures in Conflict (Francoeur & Francoeur, 1974/1975) and several college textbooks, and has co-edited or published over 70 technical papers and 120 popular articles. He has lectured widely on these issues in Europe, Canada, and the USA, at medical schools, universities, church groups, and professional meetings.

Dr Francouer’s response to Catholic teaching on sexuality, originally published in: ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SEXUAL HEALTH, Volume III, Chapter 3, is accessible on-line at

(February 16, 2005)

I reproduce below the list of contents, and its links.



The Author

Growing Up


What Is Natural Sex? Unnatural Sex?


Betwixt And Between Two Worldviews


Fixed Worldviews


Process/Existential Worldviews


From Hebrew Anthropology to the Twenty-First Century


Hebrew Roots


The Jesus Movement


Plato’s Dualistic Influence


A Wedding of Stoic and Catholic Sexual Teachings


Gnostic Worldviews and Catholic Sexual Teachings


From the Apostles to the Middle Ages


The Last 500 Years


Creating a New Meaning for Sexual Health




Five Problematic Issues


Dealing with Sexual Anxiety/Guilt


Dealing with Alternatives to Monogamy


Dealing with Homosexuality


Dealing with Masturbation


Dealing with Abortion


Looking to the Future




Table 1.



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