Monthly Archives: April 2010

Faithful Dissent, or Myopic Obedience?

Catholic priest, James Scahill of Massachusetts, has publicly called for the resignation of Pope Benedict, for his past involvement in church cover-ups and inaction over abuse, and the protection given to implicated priests.

What About the Women?

One of the few features of the Vatican responses to the abuse scandal that I can agree with, is that it is incorrect to speak of widespread “pedophilia”, or “child” abuse. They point out, quite correctly, that much of the…

God Hates Figs!

From the Box Turtle Bulletin: This flyer was distributed during a recent Chicago counter-protest against members of the “God hates fags” Westboro Baptist Church. Food for thought:

Tories’ Fence-Sitting on Gay Marriage.

Faced with the prospect of a crowd of hostile gay activists in front of their party headquarters, the Conservative Party has once again done what they do best: put on a smiling face, and fudged the issue. George Osborne, the…

Un-Gay, Family Values

Mark Fiore tackles un-gay, family values politicians coming out of the closet. (Mitch McConnell sponsors gay marriage with 4-week honeymoon; Glenn Beck promotes Harvey Milk Holiday and “Do Ask, Do Tell” to promote heterosexual credentials.)

The Buck Stops…….. Way Over There

Writing about the revelations from California of Cardinal Ratzinger’s reluctance to remove from the priesthood a convicted child molester Andrew Sullivan observed that The Pope cannot blame the local bishops this time – they desperately tried to get the priest…