Catholic Church

There are many aspects of the Catholic Church that LGBT (and other) Catholics need to understand. We frequently hear slogans from the rule book Catholics selectively quoting from the Catechism and Vatican documents, which in turn make frequent claims about the Church’s “constant and unchanging tradition”. On the other hand, we are frequently challenged by others in the queer community to simply leave such a deeply homophobic institution and find another denomination – or to simply abandon religion altogether.

To present Church teaching in a way that is “in full” and “without ambiguity”, as Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor asked the Soho Mass pastoral team to do, is frankly impossible. The “full” teaching is impossible vast – and contains within it significant contradictions – even before considering the contradictions between Vatican doctrine and Church history and practice, or what Catholics truly believe. In this pages, I have scarcely begun to scratch the surface. These pages list some of my attempts to do that:

Catholic Magisterium (under construction at )

Conscience and Dissent (under construction )

Church History (under construction )

The Changing Church (under construction)

Queer Catholics (under construction)

To counter the suggestion that we should simply leave, is possibly a simpler matter. I list the posts that attempt to do that on the page,

Why Stay?” (under construction)

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