Animal Sexuality

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It is often claimed that homosexuality is “unnatural”, and is not found in the animal kingdom. This belief is entirely false. The empirical evidence from the field is that same sex genital activity, and also non-procreative heterosexual  activity, is widespread through all branches of the animal kingdom.  In some species, and for some individuals in others, same sex mating is even more common than the opposite sex variety. Even joint parenting by same sex couples has been widely reported (especially for birds), and is often more successful than opposite sex parenting.

These pages elaborate the evidence, with links to posts on specific animals

General Survey:


Gay Couples on Noah’s Ark?

Confirmed: God is Slightly Gay – Homosexuality in the Animal Kingdom

Exclusive Heterosexuality Unnatural?

“Unnatural” Nature, Immoral Butterflies: The Great Cover-Up of Animal Homosexuality

Some Specific Examples

Bisexual Snails

A Scarlet Ibis Couple’s Spacious, Designer Nest

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do….. Even For Vultures

Our Queer Primate Cousins

Bighorn Rams: Macho Homos, Wimpish Heteros

Lesbian Lizards

Peace-Loving Chimps: Sex As Conflict Resolution


Same Sex Parenting

Same-Sex Parents, Furred and Feathered.

The Real Mamma Grizzlies: Lesbian Moms!

Natural Law, Evidence, and Laysan’s Albatross


Other Non-Procreative Animal Sex

Animals Use Sex Toys, Too

Procreation, and Natural Non-procreation.





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