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Why “Queer”?

The short answer is that there is no term which is universally acceptable, clear in meaning, fully inclusive and easy to use. In practice, I attempt to get around this by deliberately using a range of terms, avoiding any attempt at precision in their use. In an ideal world, there would simply be no need for labels of any kind.

But we do not live in an ideal world. Of the poor choices available, my first choice is “queer”, used in a very specific sense – that of self-acknowledgement as being included in one or other sexual or gender minority group. For a fuller exposition, see the post Why “Queer”?

Human Sexuality

The reflex reaction of many people in the Christian Churches to questions of sexuality is simple: sex is only for the purposes of procreation, as demonstrated by “natural law”. This assumption is deeply flawed, both as theology and as empirical fact.

This page aims to present the evidence, from human history, social anthropology and psychology. (The next page considers the evidence from zoology).

Natural Law, Natural Families: Acquiring Manly Virtue

Gays in the Military: Japan


Animal Sexuality

It is often claimed that homosexuality is “unnatural”, and is not found in the animal kingdom. This belief is entirely false. The empirical evidence from the field is that same sex genital activity, and also non-procreative heterosexual  activity, is widespread through all branches of the animal kingdom.  In some species, and for some individuals in others, same sex mating is even more common than the opposite sex variety. Even joint parenting by same sex couples has been widely reported (especially for birds), and is often more successful than opposite sex parenting.

Some key summaries of these points are  Confirmed: God is Slightly Gay, and  Furred and Feathered Same Sex Parents.

This page elaborates the evidence, with links to posts on specific animals


Marriage & Same – Sex Unions

Same-Sex, Opposite-Sex, or “Apposite” Sex?  : Churches Grappling With Inclusion, Equality

Gay Marriage – Coming to Iceland?
Portugal Clears Last Hurdle
Gay Marriage – In the Army, in Parliament

Gay Marriage: India

Gay Marriage, in Church:  Denmark Next?

Global Marriage Equality: Slovenia Advances

UK: Civil Marriage, Civil Partnership Converging?

Marriage Equality:  World Update The progress of gay marriage in Europe, Latin America, Asia.

Marriage Equality: Is Cyprus Next?


Parenting, Queer Families

Gay Adoption: In Children’s Fiction.

Listening Parents: “Fortunate Families” Need Help


Sexuality in Faith

The Churches and Sexual Wholeness: A Progressive View

The Spiritual Gifts of Gay Sexuality

“And Grace Will Lead Me Home”: A Conservative, Evangelical, Theological Case for Gay Marriage

Out in Church: Presbyterian Progress

Queer Acceptance in Church: A Review of Progress

Religious Leaders FOR Marriage Equality

LGBT Equality

Equality Struggle: Lessons From Latin America

UK Conservatives : “Back Gay Rights.”

Other Aspects of Queer


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