LGBT Inclusion in Church

(This page will serve as a guide to the more important posts on the subject that have appeared on QTC. It is a work in progress: not all of these posts are as yet reflected here, and more are being added constantly. Look for more with the search button, or keep checking here for continuing updates.

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(Welcome. Come in, and Come Out).

The opening statement with which I launched “Queering the church”

Catholics for Equality Draws attention to a proposed new intiative by prominent gay Catholics to promote gay equality.

Gay Marriage, in Church:  Denmark Next? A news report from Denmark on a proposal from the Danish Lutheran Church.

Yet Another Evangelical Conversion

Bishop James Jones: Another Evangelical Ally?

“And Grace Will Lead Me Home”: A Conservative, Evangelical, Theological Case for Gay Marriage

Out in Church: Presbyterian Progress

Queer Acceptance in Church: A Review of Progress

Religious Leaders FOR Marriage Equality

Indian Churches Reject Homophobia, Discrimination

Religious Discrimination

(“Hate Has No Place In The House of God”):  Desmond Tutu A stirring declaration by Nobel Laureate Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, on why there is no place in the Christian Church for discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation or gender, any more than there is for discrimination on the grounds of race.

Queer Catholics Are Equally Blessed: Press Release

Texas Baptist Church Takes a Stand FOR Gay Members.

“Speaking the Truth” on Catholic LGBT Inclusion

Queer Inclusion in Church: Evangelicals Ask, “What Would Jesus Do?”

The End Is Not In Sight – But the Journey Has Begu

Give Thanks For This Kairos Moment of LGBT Inclusion

Advent: Prepare Ye A Way For Inclusion

A Prophet-Priest Asks, “Where is the Truth”?

The challenge presented by Fr Owen O’Sullivan, who later went on to present an important extended essay on GLBT inclusion in the Catholic Church, which I discuss in this series of posts:

Fr Owen O’Sullivan on Gay Inclusion (Pt 2): Why Can’t They Just Keep Quiet About It?

Fr Owen O’Sullivan on Gay Inclusion (Pt 3): Is It Wrong to Act Gay?

Fr Owen O’Sullivan on Gay Inclusion (Pt 4): “Homosexuality is fundamentally disordered”

Fr Owen O’Sullivan on Gay Inclusion (Pt 5): The Trouble With “Do Your Best”

Fr Owen O’Sullivan on Gay Inclusion (Pt 6): Liberating our theology of sexual relationships from the Church

Fr Owen O’Sullivan on Gay Inclusion (Pt 7): We will be judged on how we have loved

Fr Owen O’Sullivan on Gay Inclusion (Pt 8): Still to follow


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