Our Stories

My story 1: My Journey in Faith

My Story 2: My Homoerotic Retreat

A Young Gay Catholic

Bill’s Story: Response to the Myth of the “Homosexual Lifestyle”

Phillip’s Story

Jim ‘s Story

(Eric’s Story)

(Justice Magazine Interview: Martin Pendergast & Alexa)

Frank, part 1.  Objective Dis-Order Revisited: (At Reluctant Rebel)

Frank, part 2. My Catholic Issues: (At Reluctant Rebel)

Frank, part 3. Objective Dis-Order, Life: (At Reluctant Rebel)


Jeremiah’s Story (At Gospel For Gays)

My Story of Finding Love (At Gospel for Gays)

“I Am the Work of his Hands” – Phillip  (At Gospel for Gays)


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