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Fundamental to Christian practice is worship, where we come together in community to celebrate our faith. Far too often, worship as it is practised is not a celebration of community, but a source of division, with some groups experienced clear explicit or implicit rejection. The solution for LGBT Christians is not to abandon worship completely, or to attend and suffer in silence, but to find and join congregations where they know they can be both open and honest, and also welcomed. Sometimes this will be in congregations which are specifically targeted to the LGBT community, sometimes (probably better this way) they will more conventional communities, which by their explicit words, or by their actions, have demonstrated that as in the words of Scripture, “All are welcome in this place”.

A comprehensive listing of all such welcoming communities is impossible: thankfully, their number has been growing rapidly in recent years, and continues to do so. What I will aim to do here, is to post a (somewhat arbitrary) collection of some that I known of, together with links to more comprehensive lists elsewhere. If you are not already worshipping in a suitably welcoming community – find one.


United States

Catholics should see the extensive listing at Gay Catholic Forum

For Other Christian Denominations in the USA, consult the remarkable pages at The Institute for Welcoming Resources, (USA) where you can select by state, and examine a map (including the ability to zoom in to specific localities), identfied by denomination.



United Kingdom

South Africa



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