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Alison, James  On Being Liked

Alison, James:  Faith Beyond Resentment

Beattie Jung, Patricia:  Sexual Diversity and Catholicism

Boswell, John: Christianity, Social Tolerance and Homosexuality

Cleaver, Richard:  Know My Name

Countryman, William L.:   Dirt, Greed and Sex

Filichowski, Julian, and Stanford, Peter, (eds):  Opening up

Helminiak, Daniel: Sex and the Sacred

Jordan, Mark: The Silence of Sodom

McNeill, John: Taking a Chance on God

McNeill, John: Sex as God Intended

McNeill, John:  Dignity Address

Moore, Gareth OP:  A Question of Truth

Robinson, Bishop Geoffrey:  Confronting Power & Sex in the Catholic Church

Stuart, Elisabeth:  Gay & Lesbian Theologies

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