A Gay Priest “Makes It Known”

While it can be difficult for LGBT Catholics  to live openly honestly and with integrity in the church,  it is vastly more so for priests and other religious, burdened by their vows of celibacy and (usually) constrained by their material dependence on the Church. Once we have begun to resolve the difficulties and anomalies of our situations for ourselves, we should consider how best to make it easier for other. One tactic that we can usefully adopt, is simply telling our stories – privately, to trusted friends, or more publicly, in print or on the web. In his book, “Acts of Faith, Acts of Love ” pointedly underlines the importance of these stories with his subtitle, Gay Catholic Autobiographies as Sacred Texts. I have shared some of my story at this site, I wrote recently about how Joseph Gentilini has shared his in a new book “Hounded by Heaven” to be published shortly.

At a new blog, “Make it Known”, a gay priest tells movingly how he came to the decision to share his own story. On his about page, Thruman describes his purpose:

 This blog is intended as a safe place where priests (currently serving or have served) in the Church, can share their stories (or Make Known) their struggles of being gay or bisexual. It is my hope that, through the process of sharing and support, we can Make it Known the challenges that exist for being gay and priests, because of dispirited rhetoric and dictums from the Churches hierarchy, which oppresses gay or bisexual men into feeling lonely and shameful. This site is intended to allow a healing process to exist, whereby priests can find understanding, hope and a sense of peace. Please feel free to email me, jmchenry60@gmail.com, if you wish to post a helpful story or message.

The specific trigger, and the title for the blog, came when his long – time friend, lover and partner asked him to do so from his deathbed.

My Story of how this blog came to be:

The title for his blog was inspired by my friend, lover and partner, who uttered the words to me while I was visiting him one day in the nursing home where he was dying of cancer. These visits were difficult. I never knew whom I might meet, perhaps an angry family member or a caregiver who had no clue about who I was. But this day was different. It changed my life in more ways than one.

 On this particular day, I came into the room where Antonio was being cared for and the nurse in attendance was having difficulties trying to get Antonio to cooperate with her. I explained to her that I was a good friend and had been for many years and that maybe I could help─something I was absolutely sure of─because after 28 years together with the one person who is your soulmate, anything is possible. And so, seeking to encourage him to cooperate with the nurse, I turned to Antonio to ask him if he trusted me. He nodded and said that he did trust me. I asked him if, for my sake, he would let the nurse complete her task, and he did. After she was able to complete her task, to her surprise, the nurse commented that no one had been able to do what I had just done. I told her that Father and I were best friends, very close friends. I looked at Antonio and he looked at me, and I said, “Isn’t that right, Antonio?” I knew what his answer would be. We loved each other. Beyond explaining. But to my surprise he uttered three words, “Make It Known”.
- continue reading at “Make it Known”

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