The Value of Visible Queer Families

Americans have “The New Normal”, Israelis have Ima and AbaZ (Mom and Dads) which is also about a gay couple raising a child with a single woman. An article at Queerty about the Israeli show (Israeli Television One-Ups “The New Normal” With “Mom And Dads” ) includes this imprtant observation:

“As soon as the gay community became a parental community, I think acceptance by society became smoother,” said Doron Mamet-Meged, founder of Tammuz, a business that helps couples, the majority of them gay men, have children via surrogates in India.

One reason may be a heavy cultural focus on making families, and the subtle social pressure (and not-so-subtle familial pressure) to procreate that stems from tradition as well as modern Jewish history… In building families gay parents contribute to the national project of maintaining a Jewish majority.

“For Israelis it doesn’t matter how you make a family,” said Mirit Toovi, who heads Hot’s drama department and gave the green light to “Mom and Dads.” “If you make a family, you’ve done the right thing.”

via  Queerty

This corroborates a common observation after November’s gains for marriage in November, that part of the reason for these successes is attributable to a change in emphasis, from “rights” to focussing on our families.

“Family Values” includes queer families.

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  1. December 29, 2012 at 8:48 pm

    Another “queer family” to consider today is Jonathan and David, whose feast day is today (Dec. 29). I just posted a new profile of them with new images and info at the Jesus in Love Blog. Terry, I think you’ll especially enjoy their stained-glass window from a church in Scotland. I’m surprised you haven’t already posted your own piece on them today. I have links to it in my profile.

    Of course David and Jonathan’s family included Jonathan’s hostile father Saul, who kept trying to kill David. Drama and dysfunction in queer families is nothing new!

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