Let Us Remember, for Dec 27th

John the Evangelist, the “Disciple Jesus Loved”  and recall that there was once at least one tradition of the Christian church, the bridal couple in the story of the Wedding Feat at Cana were said to be Jesus himself, and John, his “beloved disciple”


(Also see “John the Evangelist: The man Jesus loved?” at Jesus in Love Blog) 


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1 comment for “Let Us Remember, for Dec 27th

  1. December 27, 2012 at 11:53 pm

    I just posted a much expanded and improved new profile of John the Evangelist at the Jesus in Love Blog:

    It includes lots of new images and historical info (and links to your site). The love between Jesus and John has been celebrated by artists at least since the 13th century. And the idea that they were homosexual lovers led to trials for heresy and blasphemy in the 16th century!

    Thanks for mentioning Jesus in Love so prominently here. God bless you!

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