Let Us Remember, for Dec 17th – Some Queer Men in the Bible

The Three Young Men in the Burning Fiery Furnace

The “three young men” here are  Shadrack, Mesach and Abednego, the companions of Daniel the prophet: they are important for highlighting a much neglected group in the church – the transgendered. What they don’t tell us in Sunday School versions of the story, is that as slaves captured and taken to service in the king’s court in Babylon they were almost certainly eunuchs – castrated males.

Lazarus of Bethany: Jesus’ beloved disciple?

We are probably all familiar with the story of Lazarus, brother of Martha and Mary – but probably forget that all three were particularly close friends of Jesus. Some even believe that Lazarus of Bethany was the “beloved disciple” of Jesus — and maybe even his gay lover.

- more at Jesus in Love

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