Booklist: Love, Marriage and Family

As part of the restructuring of my book pages, I have now added a list specific to the topic of “Love, Marriage and Family”.  This will be permanently located in the resource back pages, where it will be directly accessible from the menu bar at the top of the page.

For now, it is a simple listing of books that I believe to be worth consideration, either from my own knowledge or indirectly, from other sources that I trust. Later, I will add brief introductory notes for those titles I believe to be particularly important. For now, this is a preview.


Boswell, John: Same-Sex Unions in Premodern Europe (Harper-Collins, 1994) 412 pages

Cherry, Kittredge, and Zalmon O. Sherwood.: Equal Rites: Lesbian and Gay Worship, Ceremonies and Celebrations(Westminster/John Knox Press).

Curoe, Carol Are There Closets in Heaven?; A Catholic Father and Lesbian Daughter Share their Story

Duncan, GeoffreyCourage to Love: Liturgies for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community (Pilgrim Press)

Farley, Margaret: Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics

Gearhart, Sally Miller, and William Reagan JohnsonLoving women/loving men;: Gay liberation and the church (Glide Publications).

Glaser, Chris: As My Own Soul: The Blessing of Same-Gender Marriage (Seabury Books)

Haldeman, S. “A Queer Fidelity: Reinventing Christian Marriage.” Theology and Sexuality 13.2: 137–52.

Heacock, AnthonyJonathan Loved David: Manly Love in the Bible and the Hermeneutics of Sex (Sheffield Phoenix Press)

Horner, Tom: Jonathan Loved David: Homosexuality in Biblical Times

Hubble, Christopher: Lord Given Lovers: The Holy Union of David & Jonathan (Hubble Books, 2003).

Hunt, Mary: Fierce Tenderness: A Feminist Theology of Friendship (Crossroad, 1991)

Jennings, Theodore W. The man jesus loved (Pilgrim Press)

Jordan, Mark:  Blessing Same-Sex Unions: The Perils of Queer Romance and the Confusions of Christian Marriage (Univ of Chicago Press)

Jordan, Mark D.Meghan T. Sweeney, and David M. Mellott, editors. Authorizing Marriage?: Canon, Tradition, and Critique in the Blessing of Same-Sex Unions Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press.

Kuefler, Mathew (ed.) The Boswell Thesis: Essays on Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality ‘ University of Chicago Press, 2006 

Lopata, Mary Ellen:  Fortunate Families: Catholic families with lesbian daughters and gay sons (Trafford Publishin, 2006) 180 pages

Macwilliam, StuartQueer Theory and the Prophetic Marriage Metaphor in the Hebrew Bible (BibleWorld) . Sheffield, U.K.: Equinox.

Marshall, Paul VictorSame Sex Unions Stories and Rites Church Pub.

McNaught, Brian: On Being Gay: Thoughts on Family, Faith, and Love (St Martin’s Press, 1988)

Peddicord, Richard: Gay & Lesbian Rights: A Question: Sexual Ethics or Social Justice? (Sheed & Ward, 1996)

Stuart, Elisabeth: Just Good Friends: Towards a Lesbian and Gay Theology of Relationships (Mowbray, 1995)

Sullivan, Andrew: Virtually Normal: An Argument About Homosexuality (Picador, 1995)

Sullivan, Andrew: Love Undetectable: Notes on Friendship, Sex, and Survival (Chatto & Windus, 1998)

Tigert, Leanne McCall, and Maren C. Tirabassi.All Whom God Has Joined: Resources for Clergy and Same-Gender Loving Couples  Pilgrim Press.

Vasey, MStrangers and friends: A new exploration of homosexuality and the Bible

Woods, Richard: Another Kind of Love: Homosexuality and Spirituality (St Thomas More Press, 1988)


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