CLGS Boswell Lecture, 2008: Dale B Martin.

In 2008, Dale B Martin (author of Sex and the Single Savior) delivered the John E Boswell lecture at the Centre for Lesbian and Gay Studies at the Pacific School of Religion.

Watch, listen and reflect.



The Pacific School of Religion Centre for Lesbian and Gay Studies is a great resource for a wide range of materials on faith and sexuality. QTC contributor Chris Morley has helpfully listed a summary of these in the comment thread, which I have now reproduced below.

See  here, for a PDF file for the full text of White’s lecture.


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1 comment for “CLGS Boswell Lecture, 2008: Dale B Martin.

  1. Chris Morley
    April 28, 2012 at 9:22 pm

    Thanks indeed for posting this.

    Very interesting and there’s much here for Christians (including heterosexuals) to reflect on. He demonstrates that Christian attitudes and rules about sex derive from their 2000 year old historical context and these have failed to acknowledge and respond to the way the context for sex and relationships has changed enormously, especially in the last half century.
    Sex now means something very different to people, and Churches haven’t caught up with this.

    There’s a written transcript of the talk here

    Professor Dale B Martin’s talk explores some practical examples of sexual ethics relevant to Christian gay men in north America and western Europe, because he talks from his personal knowledge and experience from figuring out appropriate ethical principles for himself. He can’t talk from personal experience to suggest Christian ethical sexual guidelines for lesbians, bisexual people, heterosexual women or men, or people outside of the N American / W European cultural context. But his talk outlines principles that can help people who aren’t westernised Christian gay men to figure out what might be appropriate ethical sexual guidelines for themselves.

    There’s very many useful resources available to download at the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry, where this talk took place

    – LGBT and Religion 101 (introductory materials)
    – The CLGS Marriage and Family Project
    – Advocacy resources
    – Congregation-based education and training resources
    – Online copies of their journal Open Hands , eg an issue on Transgender Realities
    – and other written articles
    – Transcripts of talks, many of these are on Transgender issues
    – among the many other transcripts, there is: How Natural is Nature? Augustine’s Sexual Ethics
    – Sermons and Liturgies
    – Audio / Visual Archive (includes Transgender Summit)

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