Kathy Baldock:”Trans-mockery in the House of God?”

When I wrote earlier this month that I see clear signs of a shift towards more sensitive pastoral responses to lesbians and gay men in the Catholic Church, I noted that I do not yet see any sign of corresponding sensitivity to the trans (or bi-) communities. Chris was quick to reply, pointing me to a wonderful post by Kathy Baldock at LGBTQ Nation. Kathy is a wonderful, valuable straight ally – and as this post demonstrates, an ally not only of the L and G, but of the whole entire alphabet soup. She begins this post with a fierce assault on the prejudiced rants spouted by some others, which I prefer to ignore, but then goes on to this, to demonstrate from fundamental Christian /Biblical principles why the Church needs trans- inclusion.

God in His cleverness used a sexually-other person to spread the Gospel outside of Judea and Samaria. The Ethopian eunuch was rejected at the temple by man, but GOD, saw him, and used him, and blessed him, and wrote him down in history.

If the world is only comfortable for you in pink and blue, start with my blogpost “Can Sized 14 Heels Keep You Out of Heaven?” Then check into a wonderful book by Lisa Salazar “Transparently”. Lisa is on the board of my organization and a beautiful Christian transwoman.

As you read , you will be deeply affected by the struggle for life as she decided to transition. And God is in every step of this process with her.

This crazy targeting of others that are not like us must stop coming from the House of God. I get daily mail from the outcasts that do not fit strictly heterosexual model.

People are born gay, bisexual and transgender and other beautiful variations and carry a piece of God’s image. This may scare some of us. We don’t like the differences we do not understand. But, this is not a validation for mockery.

God cares about hearts. Not genitalia. Not sized 14 heels. Not shaved Adam’s apples or additions or subtractions of the flesh. Hearts.

People of God, and in particularly leaders, stop it. Get educated, get in relationship with transfolks and, until then, stop the ridicule and ignorant slander against the transgender community. It is not godly, it is destructive and it is pushing yet another group from the mercy seat of God.

– LGBTQ Nation.


Jones, Cindi: Squirrel Cage
Dzmura,Noach: Balancing on the Mechitza: Transgender in Jewish Community
Salazar, Lisa Transparently: Behind the Scenes of a Good Life
Tanis. Justin Edward: Trans-Gendered: Theology, Ministry, and Communities of Faith 


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