“Ignorance of the Day” proves I don’t exist.

Paul Anthony Melanson, the deranged blogger responsible for LaSalette’s Journey, also writes at the appropriately named “Platitudes of the Day”, where he puts on a sparkling illustration of how some people (alas, including many theologians) prefer to believe imperfect abstract reasoning that supports their prejudice, rather than the findings of empirical scientific research.

Terence Weldon, a radical, militant, homosexual person, has once again said that the Catholic Church’s teachings on homosexuality are not very nice. He states that science has shown that homosexuality is widespread throughout the animal kingdom.

………. Dr. Antonio Pardo, Professor of Bioethics at the university that shares a founder with Opus Dei has stated, “There is no homosexuality in animals, if there were, they would die out, wouldn’t they? I mean it stand to reason.”

A (ficitious) radical, militant, homosexual person

Let us leave aside (for today) the existence of several respectable academic books that document the thousands of scholarly scientific papers describing detailed observations of same – sex behaviour, and non-procreative heterosexual interactions, in all branches of the animal kingdom. I will do no good to point out to the bigot Melanson that this abundant research has shown conclusively that animal homosexuality exists, that in some species and for many individual animals it is more common than heterosexual activity, that same-sex couples frequently adopt and raise young with great success, that some studies have demonstrated how this serves the common good of the population by reducing conflict and raising social cohesion, or that animal sexuality takes on all the myriad of practical forms that it does in humans (and more), including anal penetration, oral sex, masturbation, group sex, genital rubbing – even the manufacture and use of sex toys, such as primitive dildoes and masturbation aids. No, Melanson would simply disbelieve the results of patient observations by trained scientists, accepting instead the conclusive evidence of brilliant reasoning by the Opus Dei associate, Dr Antonio Pardo:

“There is no homosexuality in animals, if there were, they would die out, wouldn’t they? I mean it stand to reason.”

Let us then, apply Pardo’s reasoning not to animals, but to humans:

“There is no homosexuality in animals humans, if there were, they would die out, wouldn’t they? I mean it stand to reason.”

So, human homosexuals clearly don’t exist. It stands to reason.

And as Melanson has quite clearly stated that I am a “radical, militant, homosexual person”, then obviously, I don’t exist, either. I’m a figment of your imagination.

And if you’ve been wasting your time reading the words of a purely imaginary being, more fool, you. That’s what comes of paying attention to real world evidence, instead of the abstract constructs of some theologians.


Bagemihl, BruceBiological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity

Roughgarden, Joan: Evolution’s Rainbow: Diversity, Gender, and Sexuality in Nature and People

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2 comments for ““Ignorance of the Day” proves I don’t exist.

  1. March 25, 2012 at 7:28 pm

    “. . . each experiment . . . blows a horn in the ear of belief.”

    This wonderful line is from Marge Piercy’s well aimed poem, “Apple Sauce for Eve.” 

  2. Bam2066
    March 25, 2012 at 11:55 pm

    Melanson is vicious homophobe.  I have followed his blog for quite a few years now.  Let’s face it:  heterosexual men don’t prattle on endlessly about the “gayz” like Paulie does.  My guess? Some of the most nasty homophobes are self-hating repressed homosexuals!

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