US Bishops, Religious Freedom, Health Care: Omnibus Commentary, Part 3

This Just in: USCCB Legal Counsel Anthony Picarello Tells Media Bishops “Will Not Relent”.

This just in: right-wing propagandist legal counsel to the U.S. Catholic bishops Anthony Picarello informed reporters today that the U.S. Catholic bishops “will not relent” on their refusal to accept the Obama administration’s offer of a compromise in their ginned-up contraception war.

This statement comes at the same time that the USCCB’s “religious freedom” head honcho, Bishop William Lori, testified before a Congressional committee headed by Republican Rep. Issa from which women were deliberately excluded, as Issa deemed them “not qualified” to address the issue of birth control.

And the statement comes as well on the same day that His Eminence Donald Cardinal Wuerl wrote in the Washington Post that “[w]hat is at stake here is a question of human freedom.”

via Bilgrimage

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