Indiana Ban on Gay Marriage – So What?

At this site, I regularly attempt to report on and celebrate the moves to family equality, in the US and around the world. You may have noticed, though, that I am not nearly as assiduous in reporting the setbacks – such as this week’s passage in Indiana of  legislation to impose yet another statewide ban on gay marriage. Why am I not wringing my hands?

Because I don’t believe the ban will happen – and if it does, failure will be only temporary. Time is on our side.

Passing both chambers this year was the first in the three-step process of amending the constitution.

The second step would be winning a separately elected House and Senate’s approval of the exact same language in either the 2013 or 2014 sessions. If that happens, the third step would be a statewide referendum that would take place in November 2014.

If the Supreme Court has not ruled before then, the earliest that a referendum can come before the voters will be 2014. With the pace of change in public sentiment, I simply cannot see Indiana voters  in three and a half years endorsing a measure that not only writes into the constitution not only a ban on gay marriage, but also on civil unions.

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